The most amazing experience with VIP escort Brussels

Getting the right escort agency where you are provided with a high class service and a perfect companion for your trip should be a priority in your ‘to-do’ list when you plan your travel. When you go with the different websites you will come to know that there are many options that you will be given, but making the right choice is what matters. With a reputation of many years and with offices all round Europe we are able to provide this beautiful companionship with a combination of intelligence and the right amount of sex appeal. Choosing a VIP escort Brussels becomes easier with us, and you are able to spend quality time that is filled with fun and frolic.

Making a booking

When you go through the conditions for booking it becomes easy for you to make a choice. We also have a photo gallery that gives a clear picture of our models. All that you need to do is mail us with your requirements and we make sure to reply in a couple of hours. If you face any problem in mailing, we can also be contacted over the phone.

Requirements for booking

VIP escort Brussels can be your dream come true, if we are contacted as soon as you decide about your travel plans. The earlier the better, as this help us cater to your choice to the full. We need certain information which is mandatory for the booking. Your telephone number, your name, and e-mail id is something that we need for the bookings. We also need the location where you want to spend time with our VIP escorts, as being responsible we need to know where our models are going. The location needs to be fit for a lady.

VIP escort Brussels can also accompany you if you need a travel partner. We will be able to further assist you in this if we are informed about the arrangements that you want us to make. We can arrange taxis and hotels besides booking your travel.


Cancellations are uncalled for, but by keeping in mind the unpredictable circumstances, we make sure that our clients do not lose out anything. In case the cancellation is on the model’s behalf. You are given a total refund and a discount of thirty percent is given on the next booking as compensation. If it is from your side then we need to make a deduction from your deposit, and this is due to certain amount of inconvenience to our models. Following the conditions listed above, the clients cannot make a direct contact with the VIP escort, as this is against our policy of discretion.

Our Agency

We boast of a clientele of the gentlemen caliber, and who have been loyal to us since a very long time and frequenting us every time they have travel plans. Having offices in Zurich, London and Brussels, we are able to offer our services in many countries at the same time, and maintain the class and standard. Client satisfaction is of prime importance to us and we always ensure that this happens in every deal.

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