Laura -Brussels

Age:25 -Breasts:90 D -Height:172


Laura  chic french beauty now based in Belgium

Laura is beautiful , sensual and likes to enjoy herself. She has a gorgeous body, long legs that just beg to be dressed up in stockings and high heels. She loves sexy lingerie and adores knowing that she is turning you on.

She is warm and affectionate and will enjoy pleasing you. She also likes to please herself and in her own words she is ” greedy ” whether for food, good wine, or sexy adventures.

She is a woman that wants to experience it all.

If you like women with that special sexy chic then choose Laura as your dream date, she will seduce you with all of her seductive charms and you will never want to leave.

Laura is a superstar escort.





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Age 25
Height 172 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair MiddleBrown
Eyes Brown
Breasts 90 D
Dress size 36
Tattoos NO
Piercings No
Smoker No
Languages French, English, Spanish
Occupation Retail manager
Interests Travelling fine dining & fine wine
Favorite Fashion brand Chanel
Favorite Lingerie La Perla
Favorite Perfume chanel
Favorite Drink Champagne
Favorite Travel Destination NYC
Turn on Flirting
Turn off bad manners



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