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A trip to Amsterdam and that too, alone! This is something that you cannot even think of. Any beautiful place can become a curse if you are lonely. It is wise to look out for a companion who will give you the best time of your life. A companion who is fun-loving, besides being beautiful and intelligent, is definitely what you need. High class escort Amsterdam is that special someone with whom you would love to spend your time. The only important thing that you need to think of is to choose the right agency. In this regard you can choose Heavens Elite with your eyes closed because it is a prestigious and a reliable agency.

Our Models

We have a stringent process for recruiting models, and have different levels that describe our models. Though we personally recruit the models, we make sure that they are on the ‘debutante’ level when they start off. The debutante level is for the models that are freshly recruited and being able to train them personally we make sure they reach the next level with their dedicated efforts. We promote them to the next level only after we get positive feedback from our clients. The nest level is the ‘escort’ level, which has different rates. The final level is the ‘superstar’ level where our models excel and we have our customers frequenting us with this choice.


The rates depend on the amount of time that you wish to spend with our models, and your choice of the model. The ‘debutante’ level is not as expensive as the ‘escort’ level, as the models are new. The rates differ only after our models reach the next level. We charge in accordance to your requirement and your choice.


High class escort Amsterdam is more than what you can expect, and we always ensure that this quality is maintained. But, keeping the possibilities open, we expect you to inform us immediately if you have any problem with our models. Once we get the intimation we immediately try to make alternate arrangements. The only expectation we have in return is respectful behavior by our clients. We do charge additionally for the transport and other arrangements.


High class escort Amsterdam works out as a best choice if you are able to contact us as soon as you know about your travel plans. We have our models with alternate careers, and if enough notice is not given, it might be difficult to cater to your choice. There are alternatives, but it might work out as a compromise. You can mail us and be sure to receive a reply within two hours. In case of any problem, you also have an option to call us up.


We have our offices in London, Zurich and Brussels, which makes it convenient to offer our services in Paris, Marbella, Berlin, Geneva, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Breda, Hasselt and many more. With a clientele of the gentlemen caliber, we make sure that our models are of equally high standards.

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