Escort Girl Brussels

I have been an Escort Girl in Brussels for a year now and I am loving it. I don’t work very often as I have a busy career as a translator but a couple of dates a week is perfect for me. I always look forward to the nights I work as an escort girl. It has certainly livened up my life. The high class escort agency that arranges my dates takes care to match me with suitable clients so that my dates are as much fun as possible.

Brussels – great escorts

Brussels is a great city to be an Escort. With so many successful intelligent wealthy men who come here for business it’s the ideal city to be an Escort girl. The high quality clients expect the best Brussels Escorts and it is great to be one. There are so many fun bars, gourmet restaurants, lively clubs and of course luxury hotels for clients to meet up with escorts. I also particularly enjoy dates in saunas and Spa’s- another ideal place to date your escort girl.

Brussels Escort girl has a lot of fun

I don’t really have time for relationships and the occasional blind date my friends have arranged for me have been disasters. I found I missed male company. The flirtation and of course the sex. I have always enjoyed the thrill of being desired and enjoy the delicious anticipation of sexual adventures. So becoming a Brussels Escort girl was the perfect solution for me.

Brussels escort girl loves to flirt

My escort agency is very good and takes care to match me with suitable clients so I am attracted to most of my clients immediately. As a Brussels Escort I get all the fun of a great date, I meet lovely men in superb locations, I get to flirt outrageously with no worries that I might be being a bit too forward and enjoy the tingling anticipation because I know with certainty that the date will progress to the bedroom.

Is there a better way to have fun than being a Brussels escort girl?

So for me being a Brussels escort girl is a fun way to meet interesting men, indulge my erotic fantasies and earn money. I am having so much fun and I think my clients would say the same.

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