A Blend of Companionship and Fun- Escort Knokke

A companion for one of those many business trips where you travel alone rids you of loneliness and depression. Few hours with a lively person is all that you need to brighten up your day and make the trip a memorable one, with memories you can cherish for a life time. Heaven’s Elite seems to have taken this responsibility of providing you a perfect companion for the few hours. You will be able to spend your time in the company of a beautiful and intelligent companion with just a little amount of money.

Heaven’s elite

We are an agency that takes the trouble before employing escorts. We go through all the applications with a hawk’s eye and then call the possible escort for a personal interview. We pick and chose, and even after all this; the models need to complete a period of assessment as “Debutante” before taking the jump to be a “VIP Model”. Escort knokke, or any other escort we provide, will be educated and with class. Our agency concentrates on sophistication and intellect besides the good looks. We believe in providing escorts, who can fit into any social situation, be it casual or just a formal setting. Our clients, who are from the gentleman’s class, face no embarrassment in being seen with our escorts.


Escort knokke might be a model working elsewhere with an altogether different career. Heaven’s Elite makes all the efforts to bring you a perfect partner when you book well in advance. The sooner we know of your choice and options, the greater the chances of you being satisfied with our choice and your partner. Though, in case you seem to have made last minute plans, we can look at other possibilities. One thing that you can be sure of is that there is just no letting you down.


All our VIP clients have a lot of expectations with our models, and these expectations seem to be full filled most often than not. On rare occasions when a client feel dejected, we need to know immediately, that is ideally within fifteen minutes of having spent time with our escort. Heaven’s elite strives to get clients satisfied so that they remain loyal and faithful to us. It would be gentlemanly to stay courteous to the hostess, while the agency works out alternate arrangements. This will keep things calm and easy. There is no way in which you will be able to contact the escort directly, as we need to follow discretion to the tee, even when the escorts are concerned.


Heaven’s elite prides itself in discretion. We respect the client’s and the escort’s need for privacy. Though we take information from you while booking, this is not passed on to any third party.  Escort knokke, can be an experience for our clients, where you come across intellect, beauty, sophistication, class and elegance in a combination which is rare.  Finding the prices a little on the higher side might be your only crib, but once assured of the quality you will often return back to our services.

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